Pretty & Laced Wigs and Extensions, is a Luxury Virgin and Raw Hair Company that specializes in 100% natural human hair and Unprocessed Indian Raw Hair.

 We are excited to offer you quality virgin hair extensions and wigs at affordable prices. All of our hair is 1B in color and Graded 10A Premium Virgin Hair that can be dyed, styled and cared for just as your own natural hair. Our online store focuses on giving you the best customer experience with great products and service.

Our mission is to provide quality hair at a low affordable price. Whether you choose straight, curly, deep waves, or body wave you will be satisfied with our product. Your Virgin hair can last  6-months- 1 year and Raw hair can last  up to 3-5 years depending on the usage and care you provide.

A little about me.....

My name is Tamara, I 'am a God fearing women, wife, mother and grandmother. I decided to get in the hair business because like so many others, I’ve spent hundreds of dollars over the years buying wigs and hair extensions. I discovered I had alopecia about 15 years ago, It started with a very small bald spot about the size of a nickel, i didn’t think too much  about it because I was in my mid thirties and didn’t think it could be hair loss. As the years went by that bald spot grew wider and wider and my hair became so thin in the middle that i began adding extensions in the center of my head to camouflage my thinning.  I went from gluing tracks to my my scalp, to wearing weaves and extensions, to now wearing full on wigs because i could no longer hide the balding. Hair is a women’s Glory, so I was devastated to lose mine. However, I am so grateful to have all the different hair options which includes hair extensions, closures, lace frontals, braided wigs, lace wigs and several others. It allows me to continue to maintain a variety of different styles just as i did when i had a head full of hair. I can still look and feel beautiful despite of having alopecia. So it encouraged me and became my goal to offer affordable hair to women who Suffer from hair lost Or women who just simply enjoy the convenience of low maintenance hair styles while protecting their natural hair. My hair is hand inspected by me to ensure you get the best quality at reasonable affordable prices.